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  • October 16 2018

Introducing a new website is the most complicated task. It needs to be seamless, any error may create a serious problem for you and your company. A company spends a lot of time and money to design a website perfect but sometimes the things don’t go the way it should.

A website is a place where the customers can get the knowledge about your product and services.There are different reasons responsible for the failure of a site.

Guidelines to follow before launching a website:

To build a robust website, you need to focus on several aspects.
Some of them are listed below-

Check the functionality of your site

For a website developer, it is essential to check all functions before launching it. Try to inspect every single thing that may affect the performance of your site. Make sure that everything has been done in the right way. It doesn’t matter if it is login credentials procedure or testing all call to action forms. Also, you need to check if the images have been optimized in the right way.

Ensure that you created a contact page

You should have a contact page so that users can contact you anytime for queries. It is crucial to add this page because it makes you genuine. When you can build trust among users, it will improvise your position.

Should inspect the links of the website

When you develop a site, it will use a new URL for it. You should check if there are any broken links or not. The problem of the broken link comes if you make changes in the link of the website. This problem can be solved easily by using “301 redirects.” After using it, you can identify broken links.

Monitor metadata and title

In a page, every single activity is mandatory to do. You should use the most targeted keywords and then, do the search engine optimization. A title should be changed on every page and make sure that the content is relevant. The meta description should be according to the content on the available page.

Speculate if your site is running on smartphones

Make sure that your device is compatible with smartphones. It is the essential part that a website launcher should consider. Your website needs to be opened seamlessly on smartphones as it opens on the desktop. Content needs to be fit in according to the size of the device.

Create a custom 404 page

It happens at certain occasions that user faces 404 error. This kind of situations usually comes when the user enters the wrong URL. To prevent or to overcome 404 error, you will have to create a Custom 404 page.

Use search engine optimization plugins

For getting the best output after developing a site, you should use plugins. There is a number of plugins currently available to use. Ensure that you are using the unique title and have a meta description for every page.

Robots.txt file needs to be checked

By the help of robots.txt file, crawlers can come to your site more effectively. It is required to check because it proves whether your site is relevant and have user-friendly content.

An incredible layout can be valued

A website owner should launch an error-free site before launching it. The appearance of the website should be outstanding. There should be a logo on your homepage which would be professional. Try to assure that visitors can identify easily about your website. They should know the product and services that you provide them.

Use web analytics

It shows the status of your site. This will help you to improve your site continuously. To use Google analytics, check if website analytics has been embedded. Make sure that all your data is able to sync.

Should review and do the maintenance at the regular basis

The digital world keeps on implementing new things. You should make sure that your website has all the updated features. To survive in this competitive market, you should do regular modifications according to the demand. Take feedback from the customers, it will even add an advantage for your site.


After going through all these guidelines, you can have a better idea about different strategies to launch an error-free site. By following these instructions, you can be confident enough to launch a perfect website.


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