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Business card creator PRO is an advanced tool for creating quality-rich business cards with real time preview. This tool allows you to craft multiple card styles for varied business needs.

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Business Needs

Our client was looking for an app based tool that could allow creation of custom business card.

Desired Solutions:

  • We were initially approached for an app based tools that should have multiple card styles to choose from.
  • Creation of highly visible cover photo on business cards to offer an enriched social media experience.

Our Solutions

The client defined the requirements and provided us with an idea. Our objective was to deliver a native iOS application. Our programmers comprehended the entire idea and then presented the application using Objective C with core data. The software was backed up using Core PHP and MySQL.

  • Our developers integrated social media functionality at its best by giving users an option to create Facebook cover photo using their business card.
  • Users can edit and customize their business cards based on font, colors and field positions.
  • This business card creator now supports multiple export formats.
  • Our developers integrated advanced backend functionalities to make the task easier for admin. With different options of card styles available, admin can add, edit and remove card styles, fonts and fields collectively.
Solutions for Business Card Creator Pro

Challenges We Met

One of the most challenging parts of the app development process was having a constant check on the size of app. There were different aspects that made the task a bit challenging.

  • Mobile app
  • Printable

The application involved options to choose from multiple templates, fonts and styles.

This made the task challenging as we constantly had to look after the size. The only motive was to deliver a structured and flawless app without any bugs.

Getting the business card printed in multiple formats was again a big challenge for our developers.

The requirements kept on varying from one client to the other, which compelled us to provide multiple options for the print output.

Business Card Creator Pro App Outcome


The results experienced by our client after the introduction of this innovative business card tool were outstanding. The brand reputation boosted, their followers got multiplied, marketing efforts started showing results and client base increased.

Final outcome

  • Umpteen number of templates helped them choose a design, layout matching their business theme. This led to an increased brand awareness.
  • Enhanced marketing approach that helped them stay connected to their clients in real time.

Client’s Testimonials

"We were looking for a perfect custom business card tool for our brand which has all the advanced functionalities like customization and availability of templates. The team at Webby Central sketched a perfect business plan and they created something out-of-the box."
Filipe Taylor

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