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Based in Italy, Tuxpe is a leading supplier of trench coat designs inspired by elegance and timeless appeal for men on the go. From sleek, refined and classic aesthetic, Tuxpe’s comes with an entire tailormade process to fit in modern men’s wardrobe.

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Business Needs

The client initially came forward to integrate store locator feature in his website, i.e The only motive behind this was to allow site visitors easily access Tuxpe stores they are looking for.

Desired Solutions:

  • He was also looking for a CMS that enabled addition, update, review and edit of products available on the store.
  • He was looking for a multilingual website that features in 2 languages, English and Italian.

Our Solutions

We started off with various preliminary sessions and meetings to comprehend the client’s real needs. Our developers, then started working on the landing page. In order to translate the content on site, our developers made use of WPML plugin for WordPress.

  • When it comes to the integration of store locator, we assisted the client at every single step, right from the start to the final launch.
  • Our professionals drafted the store locator feature on a paper, which was further approved by client.
Solutions for Tuxpe

Challenges We Met

The biggest obstacle during the entire development process was assisting a non-technical client who needed us to explain and execute each functionality required to get the website up to date.

  • Data Entry
  • Store Locator
  • Exhaustive efforts

Data entry was the toughest challenge since the client was completely new to the WordPress CMS. Our professionals ensured that the accurate information is delivered to him.

Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, we provided a demo that included methods for adding, reviewing, editing and removing products/pages.

Our intent was to deliver the most reliable system to ensure a consistent user experience for visitors coming to the site Tuxpe. This newly added feature created a seamless customer journey online coupled with contemporary design and innovation.

This was again a challenging task as integrating the store locator feature required loads of technical know-how’s and this was the area where the client was lacking.

A little more was required to be done here as we mentioned earlier as well. Due to lack of insufficient knowledge in the domain, it took us a while to guide our client in the right direction.

Though, he was quick at understanding and amending things, but still making him aware of the intricacies and new functionalities in WordPress brought together hassles in the way. At the end, our efforts were paid off as everything was placed in the right way.

Tuxpe Website Outcome


Integrating store locator feature on the website was no less than a milestone achieved by us. Our expert web design & website development team used latest technologies to update store location. By clicking on this option in the website, users can easily enter the location and see the results displayed in image form.

Final outcome

  • An expanding consumer base for the business
  • An intuitive and user-engaging eCommerce website
  • Easy and quick content update
  • Store locator feature that helped in driving in-store users

Client’s Testimonials

"While seeking for a service of converting PSD graphics to WordPress, I came across Webby Central. This is where my search ended as the two talented professionals assisted me in the right direction. Nix was one amongst them who gave a quick resolution to my queries by fixing graphics."
Andrea Paci Italy

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