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Vintage is a well-known jewelry store that is widely recognized for offering an impressive range of the finest quality jewelry at prices that represent unique value. Each piece of jewelry offered comes with a Dutch Label that assures the authenticity of the product.

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Business Needs

The client wanted us to create an awesome online presence to scale up their business to new heights. An entire site was required to be developed that would showcase their exceptional line of jewelry, inform and provide complete details regarding them.

Desired Solutions:

  • A fully responsive website on Magento 2.0 platform needed to be developed.
  • The web pages that needed to be worked upon were Home Page, Category page, Popup functionality, XML functionality, Contact us page and Cart page.

Our Solutions

Vintage was looking for a versatile website that could showcase their exceptional jewelry in a user-friendly environment. With the proper assistance of the clients, we created responsive Magento 2 website.The following tasks were executed at the time of development:

  • We performed both theming and custom work.
  • Refurbishing of the entire catalog structure for getting dynamic catalog driven navigation flow.
  • Engaging, advanced and clean UI interfaces and responsive website theme with a well-designed content and other collaterals.
Solutions for Vintage

Challenges We Met

The company wanted us to improve the overall platform with the continuous upgrades and assure that the store works smoothly without taking much time to load over desktops or mobiles. We faced some of the major challenges which have been discussed below:

  • XML Feed
  • Research &
    Development Work
  • Category Menu/Pop
    Up Screens

XML plays a vital role in the current time of website development. As we were supposed to develop the website keeping Magento 2 as the foundation, the client provided us with the XML feed. Here, the major problem came as the entire data was provided in the Dutch language and the task was to be done in English language.

While having the conversation with the client, we came to know that the title field was missing in the XML feed which made the development process complex. However, with the proficiency of our trained developers, we were able to resolve the issue.

We had to invest a lot of time to search free extensions for the globe page. In the meanwhile, the team received follow-up from the client’s end. This emerged as a challenge in front of us as we were supposed to arrange striking extensions and stick to the client’s follow-up. It was quite time-consuming, but we managed to execute it timely.

This was not possible without the active response of the client. So, we worked collectively and succeeded in this challenging phase.

At the time of shifting the category menu to the client’s server, the product input sheet error was encountered which later got fixed in the support period. During the support tenure, the updates for Magento 2 came which increased our work to a great extent.

The entire website was then updated as per the latest version of Magento 2. New plugins were also added to enhance the functionality of the website. Apart from this, all the designing bugs were also fixed.

Vintage Website Outcome


The newly site designed renders a complete responsive architecture that functions flawlessly across all sort of devices and customer engagement that is simple to use and spontaneous.

Final outcome

  • Overall a picture-perfect Magento 2 jewelry site.
  • It helped the clients in managing the multifarious stores from the same back-end, product navigation process and mobile-friendly store.
  • We integrated social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other that maximize their business.

Client’s Testimonials

"I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work that I received from Webby Central. Setting up a well-designed site with their help was painless and the staff always responded to all our queries. The final outcome was excellent"
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Ruud Kuiper Netherlands,

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