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Planning The Website Layout Design

Understanding the behavior of buyers: A good Information architecture addresses both business’s and user’s needs. It is important to understand users and the way they navigate to the store. Before creating the wireframe for website design, we keep user’s personality in mind.

Designing the wireframe: Our web developers meticulously design easy to navigate web pages. Our team places content in wireframes and links it to get a feel for how the website will behave and operate. The wireframe clearly defines the structure of a page visually and illustrates where information and content should go.

  • Put User’s Goals First

    The best way to achieve a great user experience is by following a user-centered design process which encompasses a deep understanding of user behavior. We chalk out the overall design keeping users at the center of development. Before you go to rush for any design, it is important to understand your users better.

    Investigate trends in your industry and create a design that delivers the best result. This helps us deliver a website that is usable and provides an engaging experience to the users. Right from analyzing user’s requirements to implement user tested designs, we deploy design solutions that meet the current needs of users.

    Users Goal
  • Having a Great Copy of Content

    The only step to achieve actionable results is by having an engaging and attractive content that allures visitors. The flow, placement, tone and texture of content will actually decide whether the visitor stays in or opts out. If the content lacks an element of interaction, it is likely that users will actually see it.

    In order to engage users, it is important to place the content above the fold on the left side. This will help increase its usability and also ensures that visitors show interest. Similarly, the alignment of content should be handled with the rest of elements on your page. This would help the users acquire a structured information.

    Copy of Content
  • Navigation Usability

    Improving on site’s navigation structure can significantly improve conversions and may result in higher search rankings. By applying the best practices of navigation design, we can help users find exactly what they are looking for every time they visit your site.

    The easier and engaging your navigation experience is, the more time users will spend on your site. Similarly, a confusing navigation leaves users lost and wondering what to do next. It is always a great idea to keep the design, layout, placement of menus and theme consistent. When designing navigational menus, it should be kept simple and guide users through a logical information flow.

    navigation Usability
  • Design for Emotion

    Customers are always able to feel good design. Incorporating emotion should always be a key consideration when designing websites. It is important to acknowledge users feeling if you wish to provide great user experiences. In order to create an enjoyable connection, you can make use of hand-drawn sketches and elicit strong emotions to either create loyalty or to drive customers take an action.

    Similarly, by making use of minimalism, you get one step closer to your audiences’ feeling. With parallax scrolling, getting the visual attention of audience and seizing their interest become quite easy.

    Design for Emotion
  • Plan the Information Hierarchy

    Start by laying out the sitemap visually. This will exactly give you an idea of how the pages fall in place and make any kind of changes before getting ahead in the process. We follow it by creating a wireframe for your website wherein you can create layout of the desired conversion paths for user persona. It helps the user know you better and thereby turn them into leads for your business.

    Once the information hierarchy receives approval, you can start working on them and create a stunning design that improves communication between your consumers and business.

    Information Hierarchy
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