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Uplift Your Cause With An Effective Non-Profit Website Design

Our non-profit masterpieces excite visitors to take an action and draw their attention towards a cause. We help visitors know better about the cause, donate and become more involved with your services by designing something that best fits your organization’s goals and resources. Empowered with a modern CMS, we ensure delivering a website that conveys your organization’s values, approach and mission. Our non-profit strategists are available to offer recommendations on fundraising campaigns, event promotions and support your organization with technical needs. Some of the key aspects of non-profit web portal delivered by us are.

Bring in more donations to your website with the following advantages


Engaging CTA


Mission focused

Option to connect
via social media

Compelling feature


Quick and Intuitive

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Our non-profit website designs help organizations attract support, gain visibility and acquire a responsive donor base. From donations to volunteer recruitment, our strategists make it easy for the audience to interact with your website. Here are some of our projects that encompass smart user flow that follows nonprofit and charity websites’ best practices to serve visitors with pertinent information.



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The Greatest Path Breaker To Non-profit Website Design

In order to win over their objectives, nonprofits need to become more savvy than ever. Competing in the present day’s marketing landscape requires the nonprofits to reach their prospective donors in the best possible ways. Here are few challenges that might come while developing a non-profit website.

  • Pushing People To Donate

    There are instances when people are not ready to donate. They might have already hit their donation budget for the year or they have started knowing your organization and might not trust you at this point of time. So, whatever the reason is, you should not keep people pushing to donate. Instead, you need to offer them ways to get engaged with the organization.

    Ignoring the marketing

    It is important to devote time and money to the marketing strategies. Marketing plans do not work with the “set it and forget it” mentality. It is difficult for an organization to expand without investing in marketing. Non-profit businesses need to be more secure in spending budget every year. We create web design that enable you to reach out marketing firms and ask them if they can donate the ongoing marketing support.

  • Not having an engaging content

    A content that generates ROI for your business needs to be informative and better convey the ideas to readers. Secondly, it should be better than your competitive site. An incredible content with increased social media following, increased credibility, high search volumes should be shared across the marketing channels. The same content should also be shared across social media channels and newsletters.

    Failing to educate the community

    In order to make it clear and concise among people about your brand, you need to make them understand about the website’s offerings. You can do it by writing a clear tagline and placing it on the website’s header. A brief description of website’s offerings must be included on all social media pages. This will help visitors find your business.

Attributes To a Mission-focused Nonprofit website

As a part of website development or website design process, we first comprehend the essence of nonprofit. This helps us in cultivating the best nonprofit website. Here we have compiled the most common traits amongst successful nonprofits. Let’s explore:

  • Be clear and think transparently

    Credibility is an important element for nonprofits. At times, they go beyond standard government-regulated financial transparency to expose their missions and programs. In order to come up as a successful non-profit venture, we help businesses stay transparent by publishing PR’s, informative donation details and creating infographics that share information in an accessible way.

  • Solid mobile presence

    We help businesses optimize their website for mobile devices to attract donors and volunteers. A website that fails to close out pop-ups and disable auto-play videos make the user experience annoying. Secondly, it makes it easy to capture email fundraising opportunity. We make it easy to capture audience base and social followers by optimizing your site for mobile.

  • Using compelling visuals

    Our web designers help non-profits to share real stories via the use of images that makes personal connection with the user. By showcasing real-time scenarios of the mission’s success, you can build credibility and encourage empathy among visitors. Visual storytelling motivate people to donate and join your organization. With the right mission message being portrayed, visitors are likely to draw attention.

Allow your donors to donate with out key offerings

  • 1Communicate your mission
  • 2Focused marketing strategy
  • 3Fully customized design solutions
  • 4SEO benefits to ensure visibility
  • 5Social media presence
  • 6Highly-efficient security tools
  • 7Interactive graphic designs
  • 8Easy-to-use CMS
  • 9Secure and collaborative online community