Seamless SEO Approach for Expanded Sales

With the increased competition and fast paced growth in this web world, it becomes imperative to strengthen your online identity and rank amongst significant names. If you are not doing so, unfortunately you are missing opportunities to maximize the sales, revenues and ROI. We follow an intelligent approach to make an initial SEO audit that counts for keyword research and competitive review to get a cohesive project plan.

  • Improved Ranking

    The position of a website is directly proportional to the quality of traffic it delivers. So, it is obvious that you will get high traffic when your website will be positioned at a higher rank in the initial pages of search results.

  • Organic Traffic

    Organic traffic is the best outcome of SEO that is not a result of paid ads. When a website appears on the top pages of search engine result pages, it will get the highest click-throughs and thus more traffic in turn.

  • Higher Sales

    Better ranking and improved organic traffic search guarantee boosted sales and revenues. When more number of people reach you, you will get more customers to sell your products and revenue rates will surely jump.

  • Lead Generation

    The time users visit your landing page after finding you in search results, it is crucial to convert them into interested shoppers. Your page must be optimized well to generate leads by qualified prospects.

  • Online Recognition

    Online visibility is a perfect blend of using the best optimization techniques that make your brand recognized. It technically states that when proper SEO methods are used, people will search you with the relevant keywords.


SEO Process We Follow

The search engine process follows multiple steps to know different aspects of a website to improve its performance. It comprises the detailed research to identify primary keywords and implement several link building strategies to gain enhanced search engine ranking.

SEO Case Studies

Our long successful journey is a milestone in giving effective results to the prestigious clients. Just check out our work to get a brief


With Bishop, a lifting equipment supplier, we followed an in-depth SEO approach to provide organic listings plus accelerated ROI while keeping an eagle eye on Google Analytics, Organic search traffic and Link Popularity.

Before N/A N/A 0 N/A
After 5k 13k 25 48 Leads
Traffic / Month Page Views / Month Domain Authority Organic Leads / Month
image image

ResultUniraj, a SMC Education Venture, needed an outrageous online presence and we brilliantly rendered the same by working on key parameters like Ranking Fluctuations, Relevant Keyword Opportunities and Traffic Potential.

Before 187K 390K 254523 18
After 6143K 12572K 583 22
Traffic / Month Page Views / Month Alexa Rank (India) Domain Authority
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Keyword Targeting-Pillar for SEO

It is obvious in the search engine optimization world that few of the keywords rank better than others. The reason is each unique keyword represents a different area of interest. There is a broad categorization of keywords depending upon how effectively they can be used for conversion.

  • Brand terms

    These customers are easy to convert as they are very much familiar with your brand. Although, they are not able to produce a large volume of page views but give the highest conversion rate for both natural and paid searches.

  • Competitor terms

    These terms can be considered good in terms of search engine marketing and produce effective results against a strong competitor when you spend enough money. However, it is tough to get a noticeable cost per click on these terms.

  • Product terms

    This list of terms can be huge as per your diversified array of products. The cost per action on these terms is quite higher with reference to the brand terms, but for large volume, brand terms is a good option.

  • Complementary product terms

    These terms are supposed to go with your product but do not exist directly in the market. Basically, they are product terms of others but might win you marginal conversions using them.

  • Substitute product terms

    It is beneficial for those who are interested in similar products that you sell and might be willing to buy your product. As with competitor terms, it may turn expensive to bid on pay per click (PPC) to win SEO results. However, they are worth to mention if you are getting enough volume.

  • Audience terms

    This category range contains all the other terms that people might be interested in. With a great impression volume and traditional display targeting, it is a worth keyword term to use. There is also a scope of suggestions as per user’s interest.


The Progress Chart

Here are few examples of how we have gained successive revenues for different client’s websites by using effective SEO tactics, with an aim to secure Improved Search Rankings and achieve heavy Lead Generation.

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