Required a site to invite folks from cultures to make dining an exceptional experience.
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Whatever the culture is, food brings people together. Welcome dinner is a platform where host and guests exchange their thoughts and enjoy a delightful evening with appetizing recipes.

“Without an engaging website, our idea could not have succeeded. Webby Central was the platform which made me feel satisfied within the first conversation. The project coordinators there were responsive and ensure that they will produce what we envisioned for the upcoming project.”
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Florian Buchholz Germany,
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Client requirements

The sole objective behind setting the website was to motivate people from different cultures to come, explore and share their creative food ideas with the welcoming hosts.

Desired Solutions:
  • He wanted a WordPress website with appealing web pages that clearly define the concept of inviting the German based or any other guests to their home.

  • In his website, he asked to design five main pages named Home Page, Blog Page, Login/Registration Page, FAQ Page and Contact Page.

“The concept of inviting guests for dining has become a modern trend among cultural food lovers. Hosts usually demand to design the website for increasing the craze among people for cultural recipes.”

Aston Business Head, Webby Central

Our Solutions

We planned to carry out development of a multilingual CMS by integrating highly functional Gravity forms that impressively depict the core idea of the website.

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We create meaningful designs Provided Solutions

We first drafted the points roughly and got them approved by the client.

  • We gave them the feature to be translated in German and English language.

  • The best part was that we developed abd designed the website for both desktop and mobile layout.

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Challenges Faced

The client was planning to present a new website regarding his dining concept. The challenge occurred when he asked us to hand over 3 main pages within one week:

Development and shifting the initially required pages to the client server was something which seemed possible within the given time line. Post initial conversation, the client wanted to get the three main pages fully prepared and hosted on the given server.

Our dexterous team worked hard and made the impossible thing possible by building and shifting the pages within the promised time frames. We set an example of delivering the best in class solutions in tight deadlines.

German validation in registration page was quite difficult as it required integration of various special characters. Our team of developers crossed all the hurdles and integrated the required validation to the targeted page.

The professionally incorporated validation assisted their German based guests to make registrations easily and effortlessly. To provide enhanced support to the visitors, we added validation to the registration fields by defining the username and password characters.

The next biggest challenge was videos upload for both desktop and mobile screens. The client supposed to add N number of videos to the site which was really a daunting task to get accomplished.

This gave birth to another big problem. Initially, we were not able to add videos as there were some loading issues while uploading. But later on, we gave them a suggestion to use GIF for phone and YouTube links for desktop videos.

We create meaningful designs

The final solution we gave them was appreciable as the website was quite captivating and modish in appeal. The motive behind website development was fulfilled as it proved to be welcoming for guests. Even, the platform helped the client succeed in his concept of inviting folks from different communities and cultures for sharing dining secrets.
Other results are:

  • Amazing solution featured with required pages.

  • A perfectly running website which provides ultimate feast experience to the hosts and guests.

  • Easy to load on desktops and smartphones.

  • Take people towards the modern concept of dining at someone’s home.

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