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Empowering Education Web Design To Envisage Learners

Webby Central provides splendid education websites that are appealing, planned and bunched up with valuable information. Owing to a large number of successful deliverables in the education industry, we have attained high knowledge, industry experience and market insight to present your audience with informational content. In order to make your education business a center of activity, our education web design experts design something that works the best both for the web and mobile users. Listed below are some of the key features which offer a refined look to educational websites.

Creating mission-driven educational establishment with the following features

Strong search

Brand identity and
visual consistency



Showcasing social
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Clear user


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Some Of Our Masterstrokes

From complex education websites to enterprise level websites, our featured work encompasses creating a cohesive brand experience to intrigue audience and keep them engaged. Whether it’s about presenting a better e-learning environment or integrating the student information management system, our strategists leverage the advanced technology to empower access to online education. Explore some of our accomplishment here to get a better insight of our services.

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Challenges You Might Face When Developing Education Websites

With education websites becoming omnipresent, too many institutes start taking their sites for granted. If a business fails to develop mission-critical website, its business operations automatically fail.

There are many challenges which might come across when venturing up an education website. Let’s take a look

  • Structured Home Page Design

    A structured home page design is one that gets visitors to their next click without wasting much of their time in scrolling. A great home page design should not only look appealing but also be easy to read and guide users to the relevant information. It is often recommended keeping the design as simple as possible. Similarly, the use of quick links saves the time of readers by getting them to their targeted location.

    Not having a Clear Typography

    Content plays an important role in educational websites. However, the use of good typography allows the reader to focus straight on content. A good typography makes the website look professional and keeps readers focused on the content. With a clear typography, page structure and content hierarchy both go hand in hand. A clear typography helps users get to the information/page in an easier way.

  • Not using appropriate colors

    It is important to pay attention to the right use of color that matches your institution’s image. Education websites are gravitated towards learning and skill development. Therefore, the use of green, blue and white color is highly recommended. Not using proper colors might create hurdle in the process of achieving goal. It is important to understand color psychology to acquire trust of visitors.

    Failing To Identify goals

    To begin with an education website, you should have defined goal and vision. A website aimed at offering tuition services to 9 years old students should sound appealing both to the targeted students and their parents. Similarly, an institution of higher learning must be a blend of elements that offer serious edge in order to attract freshers, graduates and other PHD prospectors.

Tips To Setting Up a Successful Education Venture

An effective education website should be designed with effective and user-friendly elements. It is important to foster loyalty through those websites. By following the tips given below, you will be able to create & develop websites that ensure consistency and straightforward navigation.

  • Interactive Experience As The Key

    An education website clearly portrays the best of features your institute/school has to offer. By making use of interactive elements that are live and real, you can give your visitors an overview along with the unique brand image, an idea of the learning environment and access to the different courses available. Adding images, videos related to the recent events can further bring opportunities to acquire real-time visitors.

  • Having a Resource Page Counts

    Having equipped with the exact information that your target audience might be looking for can help you design a web page with structured navigation. It is important to highlight calendars that have information regarding academic events, performances and games that visitors normally look for in an educational website. By incorporating a resource page, you add more authenticity to the website. On the other hand, websites that have contact information are also extremely helpful to acquire trust.

  • Delivering The Right Brand Message

    Creating an indelible connection between the student and the institute has always come across as a challenge for education brands. To represent your institute the best, it is important to come up with a web presence that is both traditional and modern. The use of contemporary website design features has always proven effective to develop a new brand image for your institute or school online. Delivering consistent brand messaging along multiple platforms allows you to develop a unique image.

How Can We Help Grow Your Education Brand:

  • 1Create a robust brand identity
  • 2Ensuring trust across social media
  • 3Delivering responsive website
  • 4Delivering Cross-browser compatible websites
  • 5Websites with clear navigation
  • 6Use of background videos
  • 7Intuitive User experience
  • 8Search engine optimized websites
  • 9Technical support and maintenance