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Diversified Content Management Systems

Web world has given a variety of CMS options to the business industry to allow its optimum use. The impressive CMS solutions produced by our team make stellar use of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and related CMS to cater spellbound results.


Case Studies

Our USP is to render the highest quality of web solutions to our trustworthy clientele by untangling their each query. Just shower some light over few of our successful projects that act as the milestone in our web development realm.

Process We Follow While Working With Content Management System

We follow a series of steps while working with CMS, starting from detailed data analysis and research followed by an efficient strategy and its implementation. UX planning and IA is the subsequent step to document required features and functionality to a web design.

After flawless documentation, need arises to jump to the design and development phase where our developers put all their innovation in the form of eye-catching colors and designs along with the required customization of CMS by applying the best development practices. Now, the testing phase appears as the pillar of any web development process. It guarantees a design to have essential features such as easy page loading, utmost security measures and streamlined results in different places. Optimization is the final touch up phase before delivering the product that focuses on user behaviors and checks the measures to improve the performance of a website via better conversion rates and repeated visits. Ways to increase user experience with CMS:

  • Increased View

    CMS is more like a gift for every business type in terms of increased view of number of pages and user’s engagement. Our CMS services are majorly designed to offer the capability with different permission levels so that a website or its section can be handled effortlessly. Like for say, sections like articles or blogs of website can be easily created, archived and edited as per the need.

    Increased View
  • Personalized Content

    To personalize the content is an added advantage with a good CMS that works in compliance with user’s interests. Technically, the performance of a website depends not solely on the CMS, but also on other factors such as quality of content, marketing, etc. Dynamic content creation is like icing on the cake that allows showcasing highly customized content among the users while exploring a website.

    Personalized Content
  • Real-time User Behavior

    As per the types of pages visited and actions performed by the users, an important factor to consider, is real-time user-behavior, identifying and then categorizing them. The navigation of a website and related links are also allowed to be customized for increasing user engagement via displaying the relevant content.

    User Behavior
  • DMS and Content Blocks

    The data management platforms can help owners easily identify content blocks that are rendered to the visitors with a CMS. These blocks contain site sections or even a group of articles. After identifying content blocks, user behavior can be easily identified through the number of user visits. It simply explains which content block is attracting what kind of the users as per their different behaviors.

    Content Blocks
  • Type of CMS Used

    A website will grow seamlessly when an appropriate CMS is used. Here, an improved user experience is mandatory that can easily adapt to both new functionality and content types. Future plans and goals are the noteworthy factors and it is suggested that the UX of a CMS is compatible to the business models. Logically, users of a CMS enter into the CMS first and then move to the content types and attributes.

    CMS Used
  • Page Load Speed

    Loading speed of a website is a considerable fact for deciding its performance. Although images are an integral element of a website design, they account for a significant part of the load time. Optimally, a website that is properly set up on a CMS should automatically optimize a heavy-sized image for its easy download. If it is not so, your images can be optimized with several tools available online before you add them to the website.

    Loading Speed
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