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  • April 18 2018

Website development is rapidly growing around the world as an essential tool for business development. A good and well-designed website has the power of appealing a lot of visitors towards the particular business website. This helps to change these people into customers for your business. A web development simply includes programming the data of a site to adding client liaison, content, search engine marketing along with elements, network security, web server configuration, and e-commerce development and more.

One commonly asked question by any business owner is “How much will be the web development cost?” As they have a set budget. This is the most important point to focus on the overall budget of a site development. Also, you should be able to discover the hidden costs of web development that will keep the project within your budget and timeline.

To find out the hidden cost of web development to limit your budget, some areas of site development that should be considered:

1).Domain name

Owning your domain name or web address is the first step just like your house has a unique address. It can be .com, .org, or anything that a visitor types into their web browser to find your site. Domain names are commonly purchased from a registrar. Purchasing the best possible domain name, like one that precisely matches your business name or one with a specialty extension can be more expensive. Check with your web developer:

=> Who will be my domain name registrar?

=> Who will own my domain name?

=> How will help you to secure a strong domain name?

2. Hosting services

All the website need hosting services to for their website content. A right amount of hosting is important because sites run slowly with proper host support. How much you need to pay depends on how much traffic you expected to receive for your site. Check with your web developer:

=> How will website hosting take place?

=> To determine what level of hosting is the best?

3. Design

A website should be attractive and good looking to get more visitors. Here are some design related costs that you need to focus when developing a website.

Graphics & logos:

You can get your graphics & logos designed for as low as you want it depends on your budget. You can also try for free logo design tools like Canva or Logomaker.

Design Templates:

This can be costly while building a website. You can get paid WordPress templates starting usually from $35. However, it may cost $300 when you hire a designer to customize your paid template. If you want your website from the ground up, then it may cost at least $5,000.

Check with your web developer:

=> Are you developing and designing my site?

=> Before coding how thoroughly you plan out a website?

4. Content

Once your website is designed you need to create valuable and relevant content for that site. So that various visitors can easily understand your business, get information about your products and read your blog posts.

Web content:

It consists of all text content present on different pages of your website. One can charge about $250-300 for at least 2-3 pages. However, check their prior work to judge the quality and style of writing match your requirements or not.

Blog Content:

If you are starting and don’t know what your audience like to read, then it can be costly to outsource your blog content. It usually starts from $25 per blog post and can vary depending on blog size and quality content.

5. Maintenance & updates

Once your website is up & running, you will need website updates and maintenance on regular basis. It can be in the form of software and security updates, etc. You will always need professionals help when your site breaks down. If you will not focus on these costs, it may increase your expenses.


Understanding the different areas within a project can help you to avoid unexpected and non-beneficial expenses. Above-mentioned aspects can help you to discover the hidden cost of web development to properly estimate your budget.

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