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  • September 19 2018

Responsive design has taken off the eCommerce industry over the past few years. The adoption of smartphone and tablet has increased by many folds. If you already have a responsive web design set up for your eCommerce store, you should definitely know what a responsive design could bring for your business. A responsive web design adjusts the appearance on the basis of features of the device they are accessed from- be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A mobile-friendly website provides quick navigation on smaller screens.

Responsive web design emerges as a unique solution and offers a standardized online shopping experience to all consumers irrespective of the screen size and operating system.

Let us see the importance of having a responsive web design for an eCommerce business.

The usage of mobile device for shopping

Half of the world’s population are online shoppers. According to the facts, approx 1.7 billion people across the globe shop online. The same statistics reveals that 2.15 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online by 2021. This reveals that online shopping will become an important practice for each of us. Since the mobile purchases increases the number of online shoppers, it becomes clear that eCommerce businesses need to meet the demands of consumers to make the shopping experience delightful. Responsive design is a must have for an outstanding experience.

Once consumers start benefiting from the advantages of a responsive design, it significantly decreases the chances of you losing them to competition.

The potential of Social media

Social media has become popular than ever. When it comes to advertising your business on the web, at least one social media platform should be used. The most popular activities conducted on smartphones and tablet include text messaging, video recording, playing game and so on. Similarly, mobile social networking also belongs to the same category.

This means if you display an ad on social media, share some content or organize a promotional contest, a great number of people arriving at the website would be mobile users. So, if you want to make the experience of customers delightful, responsive design is your best choice.

Enhanced User Experience

Have you ever thought how a responsive design can improve your business? When it comes to browsing websites that are not optimized for mobile, there are multiple things that trouble mobile users. They frustrate clients and might hurt conversions.

By taking each element in view, a responsive design makes the experience enjoyable for mobile users. A hamburger menu is added instead of navigation bar. This eliminates the frustration via small buttons. Text size also gets adjusted as each of input fields. These things when placed properly end up delivering a superior user experience.

Your mobile website must have all the functionality that a desktop site has. If there is any kind of inconsistency, it will definitely get noticed by repeated customers.

Increased conversions

The ultimate goal of having a responsive website is increased conversions. This comes eventually owing to consistent and improved user experience. The subtle changes made to the overall layout and design result into increased website conversions. Responsive web design for eCommerce websites resolves the pain points of online shopping. This is the reason clients are able to enjoy smooth browsing along with increased usability and readability.

Better website speed

In the realm of online marketing, every second counts. According to the research by KissMetrics, almost half of the web surfers give up on a website if it takes more than 6-10 seconds to load. This costs potential clients and also damages your reputation on top searches.

A responsive design takes into account the performance of mobile device and screen size. By optimizing images and other elements, a great mobile design will definitely improve the website speed. This, in turn, prevents bounce rate caused by slow loading speed.

Great cost savings

A responsive website design wins against adaptive website design having two separate versions. If you go with adaptive design, you will have static layouts that are preassigned for 6 common screen widths. This means that developers need to make changes to the layout while making an update like addition of a new blog, post, products, discounts or so on.

With two different websites, a lot of time and money is going to be invested in keeping versions up to date with the latest changes. Depending on the platform being chosen, the cost can easily go up to several US dollars per month.

Responsive web design offers a one-size-fits-all solution. User experience will remain same for all customers, despite the size of screen. This applies to desktop and mobile online shoppers. However, when it comes to time and money, you need to invest a less of both in website maintenance.

Ending notes

With these important points discussed above, the importance of having a responsive website is now made clear. With the rising number of mobile shoppers, a mobile-ready design has become the next step for online retailers. It will get you better rank in SERP’s of popular search engines. It also improves shopping experience, thereby delighting clients and multiplying conversions.

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