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eCommerce industry is blooming at a rapid pace. Each business has hunger to each maximum number of customers. They want to retain existing ones and find new ones. Its success majorly depends on a crucial factor, i.e eCommerce UX Design. Although there are multiple other factors that count together. It includes content, design, SEO, social media presence and paid acquisitions. User experience is crucial in website development process and it is something that customers tell each other about.

Word of mouth is a big thing in the web arena which each consumer believes because of trust factor. There are multiple things people notice in the eCommerce UX design including-

  • quality of service offerings,
  • type of content offered to the customers,
  • the design type which you used in your web store.

So, What is UX Design?

This question has a deep concept with several hidden traits to answer. It is a common logic that better user experience gives birth to more customer engagement and in turn pumps out the growth.

User experience is the overall appearance of the user visiting your e-store from every nook and cranny. People gauge it how easy and enjoyable it is for the visitors to navigate your store. Similarly, it is also important to check out what customers look for and what kind of purchase they make

UX of an E-commerce website does not have to only stick to the design. There are many more aspects it counts to give a complete experience a user get while exploring your store. UX is primarily built on research and validation that puts user in interest.

If things will not appear as of your taste, users will find a bad experience resulting in users bouncing back your website. UI impacts what looks good on your page. And, UX focuses on better understanding of customer’s intent and the ways one uses to fulfill their goals.

A good eCommerce design UX ensures that the product and user experience which you generate must produce the desired results as expected.

Let’s see what you can do to boost it-

1. Clear Product Images of High-Quality

The actual essence of an eCommerce store is to give the same benefits that brick-and-mortar store renders. A sensible approach here is to bridge the gap between these two approaches. And, images work perfectly in the above context.

Videos deeply illustrate the fine working of product. The noticeable fact here is to choose the right kind of images. It catches the user’s attention in the best possible manner.

2. Functionality As An Integral Element

Design is necessary for sure but make it functional. Fanciness does not last for long if your functionality is not up to the mark. A noticeable factor here is to avoid any kind of visual distraction. A good eCommerce design is all about keeping only those elements that add to the bottom line. Try to remove the fluffy stuff as earliest as possible.

There are several elements that you need to implement wisely. It includes:

  • parallax scrolling,
  • video backgrounds,
  • ghost buttons, and
  • automatic image sliders.

All of these trends work together to give an easy and pretty layout to your online shop.

While parallax scrolling allows elements to in the foreground to scroll faster as compared to the background elements, video backgrounds give an appealing and interactive feel to the crowd. Likewise, you can use ghost buttons as transparent buttons to embed creativity and grab attention.

3. Guaranteed Product Availability

If you are offering a product, its availability must be assured in prior. You will lose customers if they use filters on your site to choose a product of their size. They will remain empty hand with no availability of required choice.

It is advisable not to display what you can’t deliver. Make sure your supplier can provide only what you are displaying. Once a customer has gone through the entire process of selecting the item of their choice. Then, he may find at the end that it is no longer available. Further, he will move to another site with a negative impression towards your brand.

If you’ve lost their trust, it might be hard to win it back. So, be cautious.

4. Intuitive Store Navigation

As you are in the business of online shopping, you must have a trendy design with breathtaking images that makes your web shop a pretty place to make purchase. You will be in gain when you have a high number of complete purchases. If users are not buying from you, design does not make any benefit.

A clear intuitive navigation plays a big role in fine understanding of your service offerings. At every step of interaction, you need to sum up so many things from user’s perspective, such as-

  • at which page they are,
  • which company they are dealing with,
  • where is the menu,
  • how they can go back to the home page?

Every button and link here plays a big role in impacting the conversion rates. But the essence is, to give the fastest experience. Card sorting is another player in the game. It helps you understand how can visitors find products and pages.

5. Dedicated Customer Support

For your prestigious customers, it is necessary to dedicate a live chat section on your site. They are not sure about the solution. The reason is that they are interacting with a machine.

Live chat option can be an excellent idea in terms of online shopping. You can rate it as one of the highest rankings among existing channels of consumer support. It is not an on-page aspect, but users have the option to chat.

Customers may not find responses to queries on return policies or refunds every time. They will get it if it is a part of the brand’s agenda. You can resolve it by introducing essential contact point. And, you can position it on the home page.

So, Here Is The Gist

With above points, you will explore the things you need to polish your eCommerce UX design. It is neither a rocket science nor it requires formula to solve. You need to adjoin concepts like knowing the buyers, keep website design consistency, etc. You can refresh overall experience with minor changes. It is attainable without affecting visual consistency. It is good to hire developers from a reliable web design agency for better business results.

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