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  • March 7 2018

Social media is undoubtedly among the hottest topics in digital marketing. Each day, advertisers or brands explore the latest social media trends. They find some addition to the horizon. These days, businesses integrate several social networking sites to their digital marketing strategy. Thus, social media trends hint that online marketing will witness dramatic change.

In today’s time, social media trends brings awesome options for marketers. It makes easy for them to penetrate their target markets. This marketing platform brings huge amount of traffic. It provides a cost-effective way to enhance your brand image.

A website has a fair chance to avail conversions with increasing online visitors. This way, this online medium causes a huge stir among online businesses.

It is vital for the businesses to engage with their targeted audiences. And, for this purpose, no other medium is better than social media. As per the latest State of Social 2018 report, we can notice that companies record their presence on social channels.

Approximately 89% of people use Twitter, 96% Facebook and 70% Instagram. Around 70% people love LinkedIn and 57% are on YouTube. And, these are among the top five social sites. It is clear that customers spend around 20-40% more with companies that interconnect with them on social sites.

The above stats show a clear picture. Social media must secure the crucial part of your marketing in the year 2018. Social media is an emerging beast with the latest features popping up every time.

List Of Latest Social Media Trends

Live Streaming

Hubspot latest report reveals that 43% of social networking users wish to see more video content from marketers.

These days, businesses publish 18 videos on an average every month. Apps like Periscope brought in live streaming on Twitter.

After that, Facebook also added live streaming. Though users realize the value of such services, but marketers have underutilized the tool.

The main reason for this is the intricacy of live streaming or by the need of costly gadgets. But, the industrial marketing world has started coping with advance technology.

In the year 2018, various companies will swap out standard webinar for interactive and advanced live stream.

Greater Engagement Rates Among Customers And Brands

The link between consumers and brands become closer than earlier. Sprout Social Index reports that 1 in 3 consumers take the name of brand. They name it at the time of sharing personal success on social media.

There are customers who enjoy sharing personal achievements on social media. And, they relish to get responses for milestone by brands. In fact, if we believe stats, around 41% of millennial includes the name of brand for saying thanks.

Brands has started realizing the positive impact of social media engagement. Businesses treat them more than advertising products. They use social media as a channel to create lasting relationship. It is vital to keep your followers delighted by offering them a network where they can contact you.

As per Instagram, around 80% of users are follow a brand network.

Augmented Reality Will Take Off

In the past years, Google turned up with a pair of Google Glass. This assured to bring augmented reality (AR) to the front foot and change the way we live and interact. So, the whole idea was a flop.

The companies like Snap, Facebook and Google battle to enter into augmented reality ring. Multiple AR apps reaped success. Due to this, sales of VR headsets have experienced an increase.

So, 2018 can be the year where AR comes in foot front. Social media may become the most popular technology with its longer usage in mainstream. It will bring customers from long distances. Adding to this, it offers brand new UI for social conversation.

Priority Given To Enhanced Algorithms

There is a continuous increase in “fake news” on social channels. Twitter and Facebook find ways to install human filters in their processes.

We used to consider engagement as the major driver of success within algorithms. But, this is surely of no help in case of resisting the false news.

As per the prediction, 2018 will bring in new wave of the different practices. This trend will even modify the news feed algorithms.


The usage of social media needs the forfeiture of distinct types of privacy. Twitter and Facebook tried to crack down on users abusing the system. These platforms keep them informed regarding their privacy rights.

But, some users search for apps that will not leak their information to advertisers. 2018 will witness the rise in total number and popularity of such apps.

These apps will keep privacy of the users on top. They will provide open-source APIs for providing comfort to the users for their usage.

Enhanced Engagement On Messaging Platforms

Facebook Messenger is not the only one messaging platform in town. The demand for messaging platform increases day by day.

In this scenario, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (1.3 billion monthly users) and WeChat (963 million MAUs)
rule the market. And, hassle-free integration of chatbots and artificial intelligence brings something good. You can enhance the engagement and user experience.

As per the latest Facebook research, 54.5% of the US social media users go for messaging channels. Thus, they choose messaging instead of phone, email and online chat.

Messaging enables you to reach to your targeted audience on your desired channel. On an average, 77% of users keep the notification of messages on. With this, they do not miss anything.


To sum up, social media addresses relations, connections and engagement. Thus, it is essential to work with your social media team and make sure that everything is in place. Learn and analyze what went good and what required improvement in order to address the social landscape.

Apart from the above mentioned trend, we hope a lot more trend coming in 2018. Trends come and go, some become mainstays in the future.

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