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  • May 31 2018

One of the most proven and trustworthy digital marketing techniques, email marketing has been into existence since the earliest days of the web. However, email marketing is not that easy. It becomes quite challenging to get your business identified in this crowded market. There are many businesses that do not execute email marketing in a proper way. If your business is also the one that is not coming up with an effective email marketing approach, here are some mistakes you might be doing.

Oops! Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Stop Doing Right Now

When it comes to managing and organizing email marketing campaigns, here are some mistakes businesses often do:

Not Having Clear Objectives

Setting up proper goals is the first step towards success, be it for any digital marketing campaign. Absent context do not lead to fruitful decisions. If you have not defined measurable goals, the first thing you need to do is reanalyze. It is worthwhile to check whether the goals are relevant to your business or not.

Disorganized List Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the critical factors to determine the success of an email marketing campaign. As per the data by MailChimp, it has been estimated that segmented campaigns have 14.4% better open rate than non-segmented campaigns. This, in turn, calls for a more segmented approach. This way, marketers will be able to send relevant messages to the targeted audiences. If you fail to segment your audience on the basis of interests, location and other factors, you will not be able to come up with a subject line that is relevant to them.

Email lists could be segmented via age, gender, location, purchase behavior, language and so on. If you start sending relevant and personalized messages, you will be able to acquire upsells.

Dull Content

Content that keeps audiences informed keeps your email marketing efforts valuable. It is therefore important to provide a high-quality brand content so that users automatically subscribe for newsletters. Email content affects the campaign you are sending today and also in the future. If you get this wrong, you might see dwindling open rates that can be difficult to mend.

Use of brand imagery adds value to your content and makes it easy for people to subscribe. Use of email template designing tool will help you create an email that is customized keeping the brand view in mind.

Improper Delivery Time

The foremost rule of a strong email marketing is seeking the right time to send the emails. The optimum time to send email campaigns depends truly on the offered product or service. It also depends on demographic of targeted audience. So, sending your emails at the right time serves as the magic bullet for a successful email campaign.

Not Having Effective CTA

An email without CTA is ineffective. If you do not compel your audience to take an action, you might fail to achieve your marketing goals. There are multiple factors that make CTA ineffective in an email marketing campaign. Either the size of button is small or the color is off-putting. This drives less engagement with the campaigns you will be sending them in the future. To keep the CTA perfect, keep it precise and straightforward. Use action words and striking colors to make the CTA standout.

Failing to Personalize Emails

Campaign monitor says emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Personalized emails increase the relevancy of your campaign. It helps understand your audience better. Next, you should avoid sending emails with generic addresses like, “noreply@”, or “sales@”. We can expect higher open rates and click through rates when the email is sent from a real person.

Summing it Up!

There are many businesses that struggle to make results from email marketing. It happens due to these mistakes. By correcting these mistakes, you can improve email marketing efforts and generate stronger returns at a lower cost.
If you have some other tactics to keep your subscribers engaged and updated, share with us in the comments section below.


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