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  • May 25 2018

The age-old conundrums like attracting more customers and increasing sales is affecting every retail business in the world. Grocery stores are no exception to it. Grocery chains are also leveraging the power of Grocery mobile app to keep up with the competitors. Omnichannel approach is being adopted by retailers to attract group of consumers. By providing tech-savvy shoppers with an interactive customer experience, grocers amplify their chances of creating a lasting effect that takes their brand to newer heights.

With the increasing number of customers showing more inclination towards digital world, it has become quite important for grocery stores to lay hands on the mobile shift. This will allow them to keep their grocery store on top of customer’s mind. Some of the leading grocers like Amazon Fresh, Instacart and Big Basket have experienced remarkable growth by modifying their grocery stores to the apps.

This blog shares some of the popular ways that will compel customers to rely on your business for most of the grocery shopping needs. Using these techniques, businesses will also be able to augment sales and increase customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs play an important role in improving customer loyalty and increasing repeat visits. Engagement-based loyalty with your brand is probably one of the most influential ways to craft a better brand experience. This can be done by offering your customers with exclusive deals, coupons and discounts. This will delve emotional connection in them and also make your customers feel special. Loyalty programs reward customers whenever they return back. This further transforms your brand into a must-go destination.

Data-driven marketing

Customers, these days, are value-driven and not price driven. If you offer them with product information that is easy to understand, chances are that they are likely to buy. Grocery mobile app offers customers the required data while gathering analytics to help businesses adapt their offerings to consumer needs. Data-driven marketing will help grocery businesses to monitor and further plan product supply based on client’s demand and feedback.


Digitalization has completely transformed the way a business is conducted, making it accessible than ever. With the help of Grocery mobile apps, grocery businesses give their customers the opportunity to experience unique shopping. This helps grocery businesses to engage with their customers on a personal level. This offers them 24*7 access to products and also help them curate their shopping experiences.

Mobile payments

There are so many mobile payment systems available all across the world. These days, people have shifted away from credit cards to perform transactions via apps. A mobile payment system can be easily integrated into the application. This will help deliver a seamless grocery shopping experience. An integrated mobile payment system adds to the convenience. It also offers an opportunity to serve greater number of customers via an app instead of in-store.

Product positioning

This is an important factor helping customers in purchasing certain products. In order to evaluate how product placement performs, you need to rearrange those products or even whole sections of inventory at least once a quarter. By adjusting the product placement in the right ways, you will be able to keep your customers engaged.

Quick search

Implementing a ‘search’ feature in the grocery mobile app makes it easy for users to search different products and items. They can also search through different product categories like vegetables, dairy products, chocolate, etc. They can find any product by specific keywords without navigating through the entire app.

The simple search feature seems small in the grocery app, however, it can make a huge impact whenever the user is looking for any particular product. When implemented in the right ways, it can maximize the usability of an app.

Order tracking and status

This functionality in a grocery app makes it easy for customers to track the status of their ordered items. Businesses can keep updating the order tracking update so that users can track their ordered products in real-time. One can send an order tracking alert to customers via push notifications. They can do it whenever any order is created or updated. Additionally, you can also ask clients to share their feedback for the items they have purchased along with the overall experience of the app.

Integrating mobile app with in store experience

Mobile applications act as a great source to augment the in-store shopping experience. This makes enjoyable for regular customers as well as first-time shoppers. The use of mobile apps by grocery chains not only helps in delivering immediate and detailed product information but also makes it easier for customers to find location of a specific product.

Final Gist!

Grocery chains are shifting to the mobile channel in order to respond to the shifting trends in consumer shopping behavior. With the increasing number of people relying on their mobile devices, integrating mobile solutions will help companies come up with innovative strategies that aim at marketing products effectively. This also brings convenience for shoppers. Use of mobile-centric approach aids businesses to shape their branding potential and also enhance customer loyalty.

If you are looking forward to expanding your grocery business, you should contact a grocery mobile app development company today to get all your queries answered.

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