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  • November 19 2018

A number of technologies are currently available in the market for website development. The web design is not too difficult and has become easy because of the introduction of the latest technologies in web design. You can use these latest tools & adopt the best practices for an effective website development. Here, you can take a look at some important tools-

Web components

Web components are the modern elements for HTML5 that can perform in the best way by the help of W3C standards committee. These components help in the creation of elements that can be used for dynamic page features such as image sliders, drop-down menus, and tabbed widgets. In lieu of creating an entire dropdown menu, you just have to use a tag for drop-down or anything similar to that.

Using web components is quite helpful for real-time projects. It is not too common but a website design company needs to be familiar with it so that they can use them before it will be mandatory.


For a better website development, it will be better if you grab some idea about the Polymer to do a better start. It is a kind of library which can make the development task easier when you work with the Web Components API. There are even pre-built elements to incorporate different features such as Google Maps widgets, sliders, and videos. The main motive of using Polymer is to support interchangeable facilities which can help you create your own widgets depending upon the Web Components API.


Gulp is the most important technological tool that can build the burden of completing projects in record time. If you are using Gulp, it can be quite convenient for you to automate the irritating work so that you can get a better website. By using Gulp, it would be easy for you to integrate Sass into CSS, refreshing pages automatically and adding templates into your code after making the desired changes.

Accelerated mobile pages

The vision of Google is to make the visitor’s experience and the browsing work easy. With the help of AMP, Google helps you convert any web page into a standard format on mobile devices to ensure that certain page is optimized for reading. The only thing you should do is to add code to your web page and allow Google to do the further tasks. When your website page will be AMP optimized, a number of things like content, images, and videos can be loaded faster without finding any trouble.


These are the different technological tools that can be used for creating a seamless website. It would be great if you start implementing these technologies for establishing yourself as the best website design company.

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