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  • November 9 2018

The pattern of website designing has changed a lot and it is really hard to make it usable. A website is the face of your business and a few web design mistakes can ruin your hard work. To avoid such kind of mistakes, you need to be attentive from the initial stage. Here, you can see some mistakes that you can avoid:

Unavailability of Search box:

If you are handling a website, you need to integrate a search box so that the visitors can search what they want. To add a search box, you can simply copy the HTML code and paste it into your website.

Complex navigation:

Navigation is the biggest thing that you should care about. When it would not be easy to find links and buttons on your websites, you can’t hold back the attention of visitors. For easy navigation, there is a need to use simple text without any complexity. Even, you should use the main menu for the user convenience.

Non-functional links:

For finding the best website results, you shouldn’t have broken links. Broken links lead to 404 error which can easily shift the interest of users. To get rid of it, try to incorporate a “contact a webmaster” link at the footer of your website.

No call-to-action button:

Those who desire to become a top website design company, they should use a call-to-action button for getting the better response. Adding call-to-action button can be the best move for improving your business position.

Unorganized homepage:

The homepage is the first thing that visitors see while browsing your website. If it would be messy and disarranged, users may divert and never come back to visit your page. You should try to remove unwanted images, text, and fonts so that everything can appear in a well-organized manner.

Video absence:

In case, you don’t use videos associated with your business, it can depreciate your level. Using video on your website can be the best chance for enhancing ROI. By integrating videos, the reputation of your business will go to the next level.


These are the mistakes that people do while designing their website. If you want a usable website, it is better to add all required features. This can increase your website value and users will stick to your product and services.


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