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  • December 31 2020

A well-designed website helps you form a good impression on your potential customers. It can get you more leads and conversions, resulting in better ROI. This blog will tell you about some meaningful website design trends you should look out for in 2021.

In this fast-paced digitally-evolving world, everything is changing rapidly, and web design trends are no different. Web design is all about intuitiveness and ease of use. It sets the first impression, aids SEO strategy, builds trust with your audience, creates consistency, and much more. 

Today’s ever-changing time demands a persuasive online presence that can deliver messages clearly, and that’s why you should emphasize hiring a good web design agency and reliable website developers that will design and build a website and give a unique brand voice to your business to keep you ahead of others.

Website’s first impressions are 94% design-related, and the judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics. It is even said that, if given only 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of people would prefer to see something beautifully designed than something plain and simple. That’s why staying current on the top web design trends and standards is crucial to your website’s success. 

The Best 9 Web Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

You must create eye-appealing, highly functional, and easy-to-use websites that look and perform well. Moreover, leveraging the leading growth services can scale your website and help you stay competitive. 

Designing compelling websites takes a lot more than you think of, and the most important of all is to stay abreast of the latest happenings going on in the world of web designing. Here are some of the top stunning website design trends for 2021 you should be watching out for.

Going for Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first designs are widely adopted and can be a big thing in the web design trends 2021 because the world is not only sticking to desktops and quickly moving to other devices as well, mainly mobile phones. Even Google has decided to switch to mobile-first indexing for all the websites from September 2020. 

That said, designing the website for mobile devices first and desktop later can dramatically scale your website’s presence, rank your site higher in SERPs, increase conversions, and most importantly, ensure that you deliver the right user experience to the widely used screen.

Website Load Time and Page Speed

Load times have always been a crucial factor in web designing, UX, and SEO, and it will continue to be a top priority website design trend in 2021 to rank and convert better. Studies show that users are more likely to leave your site and move to your competitors’ site if your website doesn’t load within three seconds or less. Considering that, you need to ensure that your website has ultra-fast load time to help your website open in just the blink of an eye.

Dark Mode

Some big names like Instagram, Apple, and Android have already started offering dark mode themes. The popularity of dark mode is growing, and businesses are gravitating towards dark mode versions of their website. We believe this website design trend will continue to grow in 2021. Talking about aesthetics, the dark mode gives an ultra-modern look to your site, allows highlighting and popping other design elements, saves battery (in case of OLED/AMOLED screens), reduces eye strain, and more.

Smart Content Load for Better User Experience

Having a resource-heavy website with many graphical elements and third-party integrations can slow down the websites. However, the smart content load can be of great help here. Businesses must emphasize developing a smart website that downloads only the content that you need. 

Lazy loading and infinite scrolling are popularly used technological approaches. Adopting such approaches while designing the website can help businesses outrank or outperform the competition. The smart content load is a sure-shot great web design trend for 2021 because this can improve the user experience for all website visitors, resulting in increased conversion rate and ranking.

Soothing Colors, Fonts, Typography, and Icon

Choosing colors for a website is really crucial to persuade potential visitors. Using colors that mix perfectly well with the website instantly catches users’ eye due to their uniqueness. Along with that, Fonts and typography play the biggest role in your website, so it’s essential to use fonts and typography based on your brand niche. Like colors, fonts, and typography, icons are crucial because they represent features, functionality, and content in web design and can make a good impact on the users’ minds.

Thumb-Friendly Design and Navigation

Having a best looking and responsive site is not an option anymore. If you’re reading this on your mobile, you will most probably scroll with your thumb to read the article further. In 2021, web design will continue to be focused on creating websites that use thumb-friendly navigation for a better user experience.

Putting the navigation bar, menu, and other buttons in the space your thumb can reach makes your website more comfortable to use and improves UX greatly.

Immersive 3D Elements

The web designing industry has recently seen the rise in using 3D elements, which users are finding interactive. The popularity of this website design trend will increase in 2021 as VR/AR technologies gain momentum. Maturing web technology and web designers can easily create hyper-realistic 3D visuals to stand out from the average webpage.

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants are definitely one of the hottest web technology trends in 2020, and it will continue to boom in 2021. Brands like Apple, Android, and Google implement the trend in their UI/UX design process for immersive user experience. Implementing a voice user interface in web designing can help you become a leader in your niche and enable you to win a competitive advantage over others.

Persuasive Scrolling

We have noticed that more websites are tinkering with different scrolling techniques for a unique user experience. Scrolling is more than navigating the page, it’s the way users interact, and interaction is a form of participation. Scrolling will be one of the essential web design trends in 2021 because it decides how your users will engage with your website, and that’s why you need to find out and adopt the scrolling your users want.

Final Words

Designing your website, keeping persuasiveness in mind can positively impact your brand and revenue. In 2021, you will get through the web design trends like mobile-first designing, optimizing web speed, going for dark mode, soothing colors, fonts, typography, and iconography, thumb-friendly design and navigation, 3D elements, VUI, and dynamic scrolling. However, the list is never-ending. Are you ready to take your business to new heights with these web design trends in 2021? Start now!


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