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  • September 14 2018

It is a big surprise if a business still does not have a responsive website design. Responsive web design adapts the website page fluidly to fit it on any screen size. If you do not own it, you are surely missing out heavy conversions and leads towards your website. It became crucial from the time when people began using mobile devices to buy online. With a big update in 2015, April, Google stepped to prefer websites with mobile-ready design.

A simple definition

Responsive design is a liquid and flexible layout which fits to varied screen devices and resolutions. You can create a single design with a core code which aligns and adapts itself to the screen on which it is being viewed.

Its Importance!

There are people who use more than one device to browse the online content. They might use a computer screen at work and then view it on their smartphone while having a coffee with friend. Again, they can switch to laptop once they reach home from office. These users expect to view this content equally good on all screens they use to search for the data, place an order, sign up for the newsletter, etc.

Responsive web design keeps you prepared for technological changes in the future. Industry will keep introducing new devices with diverse screen sizes. And, if you have a responsive website, it will remain fluid to fit to whichever screen sizes it is being accessed.

Steps towards responsiveness

Factors worth-considering

You should include the elements that mobile customers are likely to view. This may include business hours, contact details, maps with directions, etc. For instance, you want your users to make some donations for a cause. Then, more people would participate if they have flexibility to pay via phone call, credit card or SMS. This way, you are bound to gain conversions.

Think beyond the touch screen. For instance, If you want to use small screen space, then you should make perfect use of available media, sight and sound options. This will bring more customers as it feels boring to reach plain text over a mobile screen while they find it entertaining during playing podcast or watching the videos.

What to cut short?

Each business owner wants to make his site mobile responsive to gain leads. But, they need to differentiate between what is to keep and what is to discard.

  • They should ensure to remove the elements that distract users and takes them to another pages in place of ordering.
  • It is true that on black ground, it is hard to read the white text. To attain the best usability standards on smartphone, you can present black text on the white background.
  • It is good that you expelled advertisements and adjusted layout in the best way. But, you need to do more by removing more elements and attaining the best user experience.
  • Make payment and pricing larger, keep reviews on the top with the social proof, highlight the call-to-action, etc.

Prioritize content design

Good content always plays a crucial role in keeping the UX stronger. The prime agenda of your business is to impart information to customers and content-first approach will help you do it in the best manner.

Insights from some stats

  • Google searches via mobile devices have increased around 25% than earlier, so responsive web design is an essential feature to include.
  • People open emails on mobile phones more than 25% while 15% users view them on tablets.
  • Econsultancy report says that 62% firms experience increase in their sales after adopting responsive website.
  • Sims and Schofield, popular education publisher, shared more than 73% boom in traffic after implementing mobile-first design.

Final Words

Thus, adopt the fluid layout and minimize efforts, cost, time and struggle to adapt your website with diverse screen sizes. This way, you can focus better on strong code to apply easily across modern devices. You only need to place right features at the right place, then no one can stop you from earning better business growth. Apart from focus on conversion, you this design a simple, crisp and fast loading website. Still not having responsive web design, contact Webby Central team today. We have the best professionals to serve your requirements.

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