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  • August 22 2018

Mobile applications have changed each part of our living by penetrating deep into our lives. Appropriate from ordering food to parenting and booking tickets, there is nothing that can’t be profited comfortable fingertips. Next comes the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning that has made immense connections for portable applications. The initiation of AI will have more prominent effect in transit we interface with versatile applications. Artificial Intelligence works at multiple levels that include language processing, advanced machine learning as well as advanced algorithm. Not exclusively does it help in making one of a kind mobile applications yet in addition help in client connection with those mobile applications.


With regards to making a consistent user experience, AI is conveying a benchmark accomplishment. Whether you talk about chatbots or investigative devices, designers are looking forward to deal with utilize AI to render better customer services. Let us dig deeper into the ways developers and IT firms take advantage of AI to tackle business challenges.

AI’s Personalization Feature

Artificial Intelligence acts as a great personalization tool as it acquires insights from user’s info, searches and buying habits. Any one who opts for mobile apps crafted using AI has a unique experience because the mobile app offers personal recommendations based on individual preferences.

With the increasing number of businesses witnessing the power of AI, there will be an increased rise in engagement and increased consumer satisfaction. Some of the mobile apps that have been created using the power of AI are Amazon Go, My Starbucks Barista. These are mobile apps that pay attention to user behavior and analyze what they enjoy to place orders.

With AI, both front-end and back-end app experience becomes personalized because AI crafts algorithms by teaching machines to process info like the human brain.

AI for automated reasoning

AI helps to make use of automated reasoning for solving problems logically. One of the best examples is of taxi app, “Uber”. Uber involves the use of automated reasoning to optimize routes and help to get riders reach the destination of their choice easily. The AI instilled apps make use of data acquired from various drivers who have traveled the same route and learn from their tips.

AI allows developers to deploy code creatively

Artificial Intelligence has transformed app development in multiple ways. As the need for AI continues to rise, app developers who have an understanding of automated learning will be much in demand. Mobile app developers will have the advantage of deploying innovative code. This occurs only due to the flexibility of AI. AI has also modified the way mobile users acquire and access information. Machine learning not only promotes sales and brand awareness but also makes the lives of consumers easier by keeping them informed. By learning how users behave, AI will be able to keep track of irregular behaviors and analyze problems accordingly.

Match the user expectations

AI is being used in many mobile apps as it brings convenience and functions to mobile apps so that users can access it easily. The use of AI in app development promotes better customer experience to augment user expectations. Its usage helps the developers in creating apps that organize and analyze data to offer the most personalized experience for users.

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

AI has been successfully used in firms like Amazon and eBay. Amazon’s prime delivery coupled with Amazon Echo works in close co-ordination to offer a personalized user experience. It brings forth the inception of an entirely new phase of logistics and retail delivery that is powered by AI. Some of the most popular retail stores have already started acquiring the benefits of localization via AI in mobile app.

The growth of AI across various industries is now becoming a significant phenomenon. It is utilized by many businesses in their respective application to acquire an edge over the rivals. AI in mobile app development is expected to rise and you can certainly expect upcoming AI platforms to work and consolidate for mobile interactions. It is also going to modernize and completely upgrade the way we interact with smart gadgets.

So, when it comes to improving user experience, AI will help in determining preferences to suggest appropriate results. It also assists in getting users personalized experiences. AI will also improve interaction with mobile apps, thereby making it more intuitive.

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