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  • May 4 2021

Is your email marketing failing and not working as you thought it would? Where is it going wrong? Why isn’t it working correctly? Let’s find out! This blog lists some top reasons why your email marketing isn’t working and shares some proven tips to optimize it and make your email campaign better.

It’s always better to accept the bitter truth than to ignore it! And you should accept that your email marketing is not working as you thought it would or wanted it to. Agreed? What are the possible reasons? Looking at the bigger picture, there must be two significant reasons — either you’re not doing the right things or not doing the right things the right way!

If you ask top growth companies, they would say that email marketing has the highest overall ROI compared to other marketing tactics. Email marketing has an incredible ROI, and it converts like crazy. In fact, email marketing boasts a 4200% ROI (that’s $42 for every $1 spent). But all this will work only if you’re putting in a lot of hard work at every stage of your email marketing efforts.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct and digital marketing that uses email to promote businesses’ products/services. It makes your customers aware of your latest offers by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts. In other words, email marketing is the act of sending a product/service-related message to a group of people using emails. 

All in all, your hired digital marketing agency leverages email marketing to inform, drive sales, and build a community around your brand. Modern email marketing has now moved away from one-size-fits-all mass mailings and instead focuses on intent, consent, segmentation, and personalization.

However, many marketers face big challenges in reaching the right audience via email marketing; it doesn’t mean that email marketing isn’t a good tactic; it just means that your email marketing strategy is not working. No worries! Let’s fix that!

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Is Not Working: Here’s How to Fix It Once and for All

You Don’t Know Your Audience

Target audience plays a vital role in anything and everything today, and email marketing is no different. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make today is sending emails without identifying the potential target audience. So it’s essential to do some homework and figure out what interests and excites your customers. 

How to Fix It:

Understand your target customers’ needs, preferences, demographics, and psychographics (the most important one) and monitor how customers are interacting with your emails. The more you learn about them, the better your email marketing game will become.

Selling Purpose Rather Than Helping

Whenever your subscribers read the emails, they should get the feeling of “what’s in it for me” not what you (as a business) is selling. Users are not interested in your profit; they want their benefit. Organizations often make the mistake of sending salesy emails that have the selling purpose rather than helping. This puts off the customers/subscribers to the core. As a result, a sizable chunk of these emails fail to convert. 

How to Fix It:

Care about solving customers’ problems/pain points via your emails. Write emails that offer a best-fit solution. Make sure your email aims at solving buyers’ problems. Listen to your customers and help them make the right decision. Basically, try to sell more by helping your customers sell more.

Using Poor Email Templates

Did you know that 71.2% of people delete emails that don’t display well? The look and feel of your emails can make or break your email marketing strategy. If you feel that your target readers are lacking the motivation to read your emails, the design can be the reason. So it’s high time you should change the design of your email template and leverage the attractive email templates which appeal to your target audience. 

How to Fix It:

Make the correct use of logos, colors, CTAs, and images. Moreover, ensure that they’re all well synchronized. Experiment with the design until you find the right way to create a visually appealing display. The more soothing yet attractive the design is, the more readers will attract!

Boring and Spammy Subject Lines

Using plain vanilla subject lines that don’t generate curiosity is what puts off the readers radically. Nobody likes their email inbox to be filled with irrelevant and spammy emails, including you. And when you use spammy subject lines, it gives your readers the feeling that this email is not beneficial for them. Hence, they don’t open your email, resulting in no conversion.

How to Fix It:

Use interesting subject lines that can instantly give your readers an idea of what the email will be about. Ensure to use enticing words and sentences in your subject lines. You can even leverage the tools like Coschedule and SubjectLine to check the optimization of your subject line.

You Lack in Personalizing

In the age of personalization, if you’re still following the “one-size-fits-all” approach, the chances are you will experience disappointing results. Personalization is essential because people want to be seen as individuals. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. That’s why many marketers use email personalization as one of the marketing tactics to attract more customers. 

How to Fix It:

To personalize emails, you can use segmentation and retargeting to gather information on customers and deliver tailored and needs-specific messages. Also, you can harness the power of user behavior and buyer intent to deliver personalized emails.

Irrelevant and Unhooked CTAs

When your email lacks a clear, relevant, and catchy call to action, you hurt your own business. Many marketers use multiple CTAs (most of the time irrelevant ones) to distract them. Don’t bombard your customers with too many CTAs because that leaves them confused about what to click on. A dull CTA in email pushes away the potential customers from converting. Thus, make sure to use persuasive and relevant CTAs that persuade readers to convert. 

How to Fix It:

Create email calls-to-action (CTAs) that compel readers to take action immediately. Refrain from using generic phrases that your readers will ignore. Ensure to use relevant, clear, unique, and persuasive CTAs to help you break through the noise and drive higher email management and sales.

Missing Trust Factors

For a successful email campaign, you have to ensure that the subscriber trusts you. Brands need to build trust with email subscribers. Thus, ensure that the recipient perceives you as a friend and not just another corporation. Email coming from a real person and not from a bot ignites trust among customers. However, an email from a bot gives subscribers the feeling that your company lacks in personalization.

How to Fix It:

Rather than a no-reply or generic email address, use a real email address. Leverage social media links in your email campaigns. Plus, you can also include an unsubscribe link. Don’t make the process of unsubscribing a time-consuming task. The link should be visible to allow people to leave the list if they wish to. As a result, it increases trust!

Final Words

Your emails should solve customers’ problems. Your email marketing needs to nurture and educate prospects. An effective email marketing strategy requires careful planning and the right execution. 

Now you know the top reasons why your email marketing is not working and how to fix that, it’s time to implement all the learnings in real and strengthen your email marketing game. 

Do you have any other email marketing mistakes in mind? Do share!



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